The Project: A luxury department store known for debuting new fashion designers sought to create a limited-time, exclusive private sale experience for VIP shoppers in which they would release new collections by new and favorite brands. For this, they wanted to create an advance sign-up for invited shoppers to receive updates about when the sale would begin, a count-down experience to the start and end of the sale, and the ability for shoppers to navigate through the entire inventory at the product detail level.

View XD Prototype (limited – only key experience wireframes)

Wireframes were created to guide the UI work being done by art directors, as well as to help the client think through desired functional details of the finished product so that they could make informed decisions. Complexities of this project included that this private site would have a separate cart and checkout from the main shopping experience, so users would have to be cautioned when leaving the site.  The client was trying to decide whether the general public could preview the merchandise, or be required to login to preview as well as purchase (which is why there are LOGIN buttons throughout).

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