Project Description, a nutritional supplement network marketing company, sought to completely redesign its consumer website and make it fully responsive.

The main challenge with this project is that consumers cannot purchase products directly from the website, they instead must purchase through a licensed sales representative.

For Phase I of the project, the client was focused on UX/UI upgrades. Phase II was intended to include functionality allowing consumers to more easily find and purchase from their closest sales representative.


1) Analyzing the old site
2) Defining audiences (user personas)
3) Producing new navigation
4) Designing new UX

Analyzing the old site
As a first step, I created a new XML sitemap for the old website and prepared a thorough analytics report to demonstrate for stakeholders at how the general public (not their sales representatives) were finding and utilizing the website. The website had grown very quickly along with the company, and it was critical to get a sense of which pages on the site were receiving traffic and driving engagement and which were never being reached by visitors.

Defining audiences
I developed a content strategy around information and resources that were specific to consumer audiences, and separated out existing content that was more relevant to existing and prospective sales representatives.

Producing new navigation
With requirements provided to me by stakeholders in mind, I developed a 3-level navigational system with the goal of making it always clear to the user where they were within the architecture of the site.

Designing new UX
After conducting stakeholder interviews with the top sales representatives, senior leadership, web development team and content team at, I produced wireframes for 40 unique desktop and mobile templates to receive sign-off on navigational schemes and content organization prior to our team beginning detailed art direction.

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Software Used: Omnigraffle
Product Manager at Max: Larry Lowell
Art Director: Bryce Nihill

Project Details

Skills Needed:

UX design


Content Strategy


Max International