Project Description

As a Senior Producer at Kaplan Thaler (Publicis), I oversaw digital production on the Wendy's Old-Fashioned Hamburgers account. The Wendy's client had been working with a partner agency on their CRM program, and I identified a need to apply UX/UI improvements to improve click-through rates.
BEFORE (Desktop)

- Content above 'the fold' on desktop screen resolutions was not actionable or clickable. The user had to scroll to see the first CTA button within the body of the email.
- Social initiatives, which were critical for brand success, were buried at the bottom of the messaging.
- The call-to-action "Find a Wendy's" was vague and not actionable.
AFTER (Desktop)
- High-priority messaging was placed in a featured content module above "the fold" on desktop and mobile devices.
- Eye-catching buttons to social media profiles were placed in a position of prominence (social media engagement was a top priority for Wendy's at this time).
- Body copy was taken out of imagery and replaced with HTML text
- Responsive templates were used to optimize code and to deliver streamlined design across devices.

Project Details

Skills Needed:

UX design
Digital Strategy