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Destination: Gold

In support of a global fragrance line launch, mobile photo-sharing app concepts were developed to inspire user-generated content based on the theme of a “golden lifestyle.” Please note: these examples are not final design, but very high-level concept art.

Destination Gold

The Golden Touch

Another concept for the Gold campaign was to embrace the popularity of memes on Instagram and Pinterest by allowing users to customize quotes from the designer using a madlib approach:

Golden Sayings



Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

Cover Design Contest

In an effort to create buzz on Facebook about third book in the Light as a Feather series, fans of the book on Wattpad and Facebook were invited to submit original designs for book covers for a chance to win a pair of Victoria’s Secret pajamas and a copy of the first book. Here are a few of the most creative entries:

 Michelle Nguyen
Art by Michelle Nguyen
Mischa by Stephi Drummond
Art by Stephi Drumond
Art by Emily Wilkins





As part of efforts to recruit top students from law schools, Weil, Gotshal & Manges produced a series of video vignettes featuring some of their “Summers” (a term in the legal industry for law students who intern with corporate law firms over the summer. A high-energy reality TV-style video capturing highlights from Regional Weekend, a weekend during which Summers from every U.S. office gathered in New York to celebrate the firm’s culture, was also produced. The videos were shown in hospitality suites at recruiting events on law school campuses across the country.

Weil Regional Weekend  Weil_video1





Skittles Ride the Rainbow was a multi-phased promotion on that included a flash-based snowboarding game in which players could select avatars, rank top scores on a leader board, and unlock secret game tricks with on-pack codes. The promotion ran from March, 2006 – January, 2007 and was one of Nick’s top advertiser games of all time with nearly 2M visits to the site, nearly 150K unique wallpaper creations, and almost 1M game plays. Kids basically lost their minds over this site experience, produced by Zemoga.

You can lose your mind, too, courtesy of the Wayback Machine (if you’re on a device that supports Flash). This game is addicting.

Skittles Homepage Skittles, Ride the Rainbow Game Skittles, Ride the Rainbow Design Wallpaper


Children’s Motrin

A promotion for Children’s Motrin (client: Johnson & Johnson) featured printable tips for Sick Day activities and exclusive Dora’s printable files. This promotion was targeted at parents on the website.

Childrens Motrin Children's Motrin Sick Day Solutions
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The Pringles Chipmaster site experience was developed as a sponsorship of a Jimmy Neutron/Fairly Odd Parents “tentpole” event on Nickelodeon. It included a 2-level game that first challenged players to match ingredients to Pringles chips in a limited amount of time, and then challenged players to capture ingredients of Pringles flavors in a factory setting (a variation on Space Invaders). Play the game if you’re on a device that supports Flash. (Warning: Level 2 is hard)

Pringles Chipmaster Homepage Pringles Intro
Pringles Level 1 Pringles Level 2


Firefly Mobile Phones

Firefly was a mobile phone brand for children with security features that allowed parents to control who their child called. The brand aspired to offer kids on an opportunity to showcase their creativity, so the site featured an experience where kids could design their own phone shell, design their own musical groove by dragging visual elements into a storyscape, and by voting on top phone designs.

Firefly Homepage Firefly Design Shell Firefly Design Shell 2
Firefly Design Groove Firefly Design Your Groove Dot River Runner